Section 5: Promotion Time!

  1. I would choose option 3 for the following reasons:
  • Since the conversion rate is the highest, this option would drive the highest number of new users. At this stage the most essential goal for Uber is obtaining new users.
  • Given that it’s a charity event, ofering the best promotion translates to the best PR. This could be highlighted in the press/social media platforms.     
  1. Math is not my strongpoint but I believe the max amount would be $20. 
  1. In the email message to guests I would include the following text: “Do you want to arrive in style and do good? If 250 persons take advantage of our promotion, Uber will make an extra donation to the charity. Ride and give!” It’s a Groupon style approach that would increase the conversion rate.  
  1. a.)
  • Customers perceived a decrease in quality of service. 
  • Entry of new competitors. 
  • Improvements to existing competition (public transportation). 
  • Seasonality (example: increase during winter time) 
  • Economic factors (less capacity to pay for services)


  • Attentive customer care and thorough follow up to complaints to assure we deliver the Uber experience. 
  • Convey the Uber experience via marketing strategies. 
  • Create partnerships that tie Uber to popular events and noble causes. 
  • Create promotions and on-demand campaigns that distinguish Uber from the competition. 
  • Create special promotions according to seasonality. 
  • Offer more economic alternatives. 
  • Motivate the highest rated drivers to remain with Uber. 
  • Social Media