Section 3: Twitter Responses

@Uber No cars available in Seattle #MajorFail

We apologize for the inconvenience. Demand has skyrocketed. We are working to get more cars on the roads of Seattle. 


Just used @Uber and am officially addicted

Welcome to the club! 😀 #UberAddicts


My first uber ride is 3x a taxi. Major rip off.

Thank you for your comment. We would like to review the route your driver took. We would appreciate it if you submitted a request via this link.  


Our @Uber driver is absolutely adorable! Thanks Roberto

Roberto appreciates the compliment. Don’t forget to give him 5 stars!


Hey @Uber…I was just charged for a ride I never took. What gives? #GiveMeMyMoneyBack

Please submit a request  here. Once we identify a mistake on our side, we will refund you immediately. 


@Uber is amazing. Reliable, quick and baller.

Thanks for spreading the word! We sent you a promotion code via a DM! #uberlove


My taxi driver is driving like a maniac #SeattleCabsSuck

Have you tried Uber yet? #uberlove


Hey @Uber… would be cool if you could request by car type #EscaladePlease

You can in some cities! For your city, select the SUV option and increase the likelihood of an Escalade. 


@Uber saved my life tonight! Got me home in 10 minutes.

 Just in time not to get grounded! 😀