On-Demand Wizards

We teamed up with the Washington Wizards and Sweet Green to celebrate the start of the NBA season! The up and coming Wizards team surprised naysayers in last year’s playoffs. To stay healthy and energized, the players regularly eat at Sweet Green for lunch.

On November 2, Uber will be delivering a Wizard and 15 signature salads to offices in DC.

How it works?

  1. Download the Uber app for iPhone or Android
  2. Between 9am – 1pm on November 2nd, request the “WIZARDS!” option via Uber’s app
  3. If a Wizard is available, you and your coworkers will be enjoying a healthy lunch that makes for great water cooler conversation.

It’s only $100 and all the money will be donated to DC Central Kitchen!

Demand for Wizards will be very high and availability is limited. Be one of the lucky groups to enjoy a healthy lunch with a mystery Wizards player!