Why am I a fit for Uber?


I believe I am an ideal fit for Uber because I have demonstrated success crafting locally inspired marketing campaigns in Washington D.C. and abroad.

My interest in marketing began while working in communications at the United Nations Development Program in Panama. I realized that I wanted to have a direct impact on my community through marketing. I read books, completed online courses and learned how to leverage marketing tools. I saw my first marketing success when I created an Instagram community for Panama, @amopanama. I grew it to over 15,000 followers and it has over 100,000 mentions. I promoted small businesses, organized events, and implemented a breast cancer awareness campaign. I saw the potential for social media to develop communities, spur action and seed impact. I created Capital Hustle; a pro-bono social entrepreneurship initiative that empowered underserved entrepreneurs in D.C. by providing local advertising, social media strategy and business mentoring. The first campaign featured Ofelio, an immigrant entrepreneur who delivers homemade tamales. He had a loyal Hispanic clientele and wanted to expand his business. I trained him in social media, improved his website by developing copy and photography and determined a pricing strategy. In Ofelio I saw a humble and hardworking man with a great personal brand, The Mexican Cowboy. We created a Western inspired video advertisement showing him riding a horse through D.C. streets. The initiative went viral and was featured in The Washington Post. As a result, Ofelio reached new demographics and increased sales.

In recognition of my community work, I was appointed by the Mayor to serve on the Innovation and Tech Inclusion Council whose mission is to tackle the digital divide. I advise the city on policies that will enable more minority residents to participate in D.C.’s tech community.

I created a marketing platform for my neighborhood to help businesses reach their target audience and to build an engaged community around their brands. Through the website and 14th and U Instagram community (13k followers), I have provided a resource for consumers, while simultaneously fostering a sense of community among businesses. I was able to connect the Studio Theatre to a younger demographic, drive foot traffic to small businesses and help the 9:30 Club run giveaways.